Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle. Book Review.

You’re thinking “of course she picked a John Green book for her holiday special”. I know you are. And you’re not wrong. Of course, I picked a John Green book for my holiday special! But you’re still reading, so you know what’s good.

Let It Snow is in fact written by three writers, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle and my one and only. The book is divided into three holiday romances, each written by a different author and joined together in one town.

The first one, The Jubilee Express by Johnson was fun, humorous and gave me all the Christmas feels, I even made myself a hot chocolate (which I almost never do) after reading so much about Jubilee snuggling with a hot coco next to Stuart’s Christmas tree.

The second story, A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green takes readers on an exciting Christmas night and gives them all the friendzone-me, friendzone-me-not feels. No one can deny that Green has an astonishing way of turning otherwise trivial events into a full-blown Peter-Pan-sized adventure. (Maybe Peter Pan wasn’t the best example, but I’m trying to feature all my favorites on this blog, please bear with me and don’t unsubscribe.)

And lastly, The Patron Saint of Pigs by Myracle. Beware, this one will give you an incessant need to drive through a snowstorm for a Venti Raspberry Mocha from Starbucks. But it won’t stop there. It will also give you the perfect closure to a plot that starts cooking from the very first page of the book, with Johnson’s story. And who doesn’t want to give an overshadowed second character their own story 😉

Up until this point, I kept my developed opinions about books to myself and written about my overall impression instead. However, since this is a holiday special review, I will allow myself to further discuss plots and critiques. Now, I didn’t want to hate anything about this book, and God knows I didn’t want to have one negative remark when it comes to John Green. But it’s Christmas, and I promised myself I’d be as transparent as humanly possible, so here it goes.

In the first story, events took place way too quickly, I understand that it was supposed to be a Christmas Eve Special but things just felt squeezed up into a quick and jammed storyline. It didn’t feel romantic as I had zero attachment to the couple, in fact the plot gave us another character to root for but was instantly killed off.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle… Ouch, this is going to be a tough one. While his writing style makes up for any critique one could have of Green’s stories, this one in particular still had unjustifiable loopholes. The characters were witty and fun to follow around, but I didn’t root for them any more than I did Jubilee and Stuart. Their friendship was portrayed as just that, and the end comes too soon and too unannounced, the build-up wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked, which ultimately made me feel indifferent and apathetic. I think I even whispered meh at the end (but scolded myself for it nonetheless, this is still John Green).

The last story had an already-developed plot, strong characters that readers were already attached to and an author with an engaging writing style, which is why I don’t understand why it went on such a bland route. Instead of giving us the romance we’ve been craving from the start, it was all centered around the protagonist’s inner turmoil and readers had first row ticket to her constant whining. The entire storyline revolves around the character’s narcissism and her friends are calling her out on it, over and over and over and over again. Her eventual revelation and transformation was admittedly, ridiculous and I kept wanting to scream, “YOU’RE SELF-ABSORBED, WE GET IT, GIVE US LOVE, PASSION AND CHRISTMAS NOW, THIS IS WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR”.

I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, I promise. This book did, however, put me in high holiday spirits, so if you’re looking to snuggle to an easy, fun and quick read this Christmas, I suggest you read through this one and let me know what you think J

Enjoy, always bring a book home, and have a merry, merry Christmas! x

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