Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson Review

Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old.

It might sound like a bad position to be in, but it definitely doesn’t sound like bad advice.

You should know, if there’s one genre I hate, it’s self-help; I’m a firm believer that no two people should wear the same shoe. I trust that nothing is strictly defined into a single rule, and there is no right way of doing things, if there were, we’d never move forward.
Still, with that in mind, Who Moved My Cheese had totally won me over. It’s simple, engaging, humorous and most importantly, lacking the self-proclaimed tone of any other self-help book.

The story is plain in structure, Dr. Spencer Johnson give readers an exclusive view of the wheels turning inside the heads of four characters, two humans and two mice, when they wake up one day to find their cheese supply had disappeared. I’m fighting the consuming urge to tell you how each protagonist chooses to react, but that would ruin any chance of you reading the book, so I will talk instead about work.

I know. I come here to escape work too but bear me with me.

Staying in one place seems to be way too commonly associated with being specialized. Understandably so, of course. Sticking to your day job years after years is bound to give you a sort of expertise, however, when you wake up every day to follow the calendar you’ve set at the beginning of the year you become Chaplin on the assembly line wasting the years specializing in turning a screw, never seeing the car.
People are not naturally born movers and shakers, it takes a certain level of emotional intelligence for them to step out of their comfort zone and take the risk of moving onto different paths when the current one becomes too comfortable.

If you ever doubted that a book could change your life, this 90-pages fable will surely prove it to you. You could read all the scholarly articles available at your worldwide web disposal and none would match Dr. Johnson’s simple and amusing way to get into your head.

You are less than 60 minutes away from changing your life the moment you buy this book.

Enjoy and always bring a book home. x

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