Design Flaws of the Human Condition by Paul Schmidtberger Review

Attached at the end of the page is one of my favorite quotes of all time; I came across this picture a few years ago and never found anything more relatable since. Of course, I couldn’t let go of the fact that I haven’t read the book in which my ultimate favorite quote appears! Fast forward a month and five days, I’m sitting on my laptop typing away a review of Design Flaws of the Human Condition. So now that you’re up-to-date with the brief history of this little blog post, let’s get to it!

The book follows the journey of two main characters, Iris and Ken, as a hilarious series of events leads both of them to an anger management class where fate once again interferes to unite two individuals in an improbable and quirky friendship. Ken, having just found his boyfriend with another man in their bed and Iris, having had doubts of her own about her boyfriend’s faithfulness, decide that each would spy on the other’s beau hoping to uncover something that would ease their pain and worry.

I admit, I was surprised to find that Design Flaws of the Human Condition was indeed a comedic novel as opposed to the philosophically charged novel I expected based on the quote shared below.

However, you won’t find me complaining.

Schmidtberger explores the universal themes of friendship, faithfulness, homosexuality, work, anxiety and many more with a wicked sense of humor that makes up for the lack of sugarcoating and blatant honesty concerning the topics discussed.

It’s a light and fun read; perfect for a relaxing tea hour in the evening following a full hard day at school or at work.

Enjoy and always bring a book home. x

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