Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time Review

Prior to reading this book, I had been told that it’s disappointing and mostly revolves around boring concepts of physics and math. This very much disheartened me, seeing as I was very excited about reading my first Hawking book. However, a couple months later, the world receives the terrible news of his death, and I just had to get to know the visionary who changed the face of modern physics on a more personal level.

I couldn’t stop smiling while reading the first couple of chapters of the book; Hawking’s witty humor and musings on human psychology draws you in entirely. I have never been big on physics, but this was a fun, engaging and easily understood resume of the world we live in. His writing style is effortless, it almost feels like he’s having a casual conversation with his readers. However, I couldn’t stop reading it in Neil Degrasse Tyson’s voice, the theme definitely gave me the Cosmos vibe!

A Brief History of Time takes us on a journey starting with the time of Aristotle and how he and his people perceived the universe, until a time very far in the future where the weight of gravity crushes our world. He walks us through Einstein’s general theory of relativity and Newton’s law of gravity and puts them both into mechanical perspective. He invites us on a trip through space and explains the origin and fate of our universe, sun, stars and black holes. He sheds light on the nature of God and the place he occupies in the cosmos, he recalls tales and superstitions of the old days and radically changes the way we think of Time.

One thing that wasn’t clear to me was who the target audience was. Sometimes, the explanations would be simple to understand and even banal, and at other times, he would dive head first into spins and wavelengths and quantum chromodynamics. However, every chapter is different and they are packed with wondrous themes so do NOT let a couple of mathematical and physical concepts here and there demotivate you from reading into the mind of Stephen Hawking.

A Brief History of Time is a time warp that you wouldn’t want to pass out on.

Enjoy and always bring a book home! x

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