Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian Review

Mind Platter is a compilation of short paragraphs and quotes on a variety of topics. It’s a self-help, inspirational type of book that, much like others in this genre, relates differently to different types of people. You could find a range of topics that Zebian discusses, from happiness to sadness, love to loneliness and friendships... Continue Reading →

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Review

The first time I heard about Notre Dame was in grade 5 in French lit class. What began as an educational session watching NDP’s 1997 play adaptation with Garou and Helene Segara turned into a full-blown obsession about anything that has to do with the cathedral, the play, the story and the characters. Which brings... Continue Reading →

Lullabies by Lang Leav Review

I’ve been wanting to review this book ever since I started this blog so yay to long overdue productivity! But also, yay to giving myself a chance to read other poetry books and taking the time to mull over poetic prose since then because to tell you the truth, the piece I would’ve written back... Continue Reading →

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